Corporate Premium Overview

addressbook Corporate Premium offers the following additional features:

  • Create a Corporate Directory
  • View your colleagues‘ Company contacts
  • Assemble a Marketing Database of all employees' Company contacts
  • Connect with other Contact databases

Premium Pricing

is a fee-based package, primarily for Corporations and Administrations.




Number of Premium users

1 to 100

101 to 500

501 and above

Rate per user per month (ex. VAT)




User Administration

enables you to manage users.

You can either use ’s default roles or create your own roles with specific rights and responsibilities.

You can also build user groups to restrict access to data and facilitate user administration.

Default roles have been set as such: Administrator: user who administers other users, granting them access and a role
Super administrator: administrator who can also define roles
Manager: user who has administrator rights for his/her direct reports
Free user: a user who can use baseline functionalities
Premium user: a user who has access to Corporate features.

Also, enables you to define reporting links between users.
As a result, managers are now able to review their team members' contacts live, manage introductions to their contacts when transitions occur, or export the entire database to an external contact database.

pricing and billing is based on the number of administered users and the package that you select for each of them.

Corporate Directory

enables you to easily build a complete Corporate Directory that can be managed dynamically and maintained by the Human Resources department.

Suddenly your Corporate Directory and employee database are up to date.

You monitor effectively and simply direct and dotted line reporting as well as various human resources ratios such as yield or productivity.

You also leverage 's powerful communication features to increase motivation and review audience reporting.

’s commitment to privacy and security reassures employees that they can respond securely, increasing communication.

Marketing Database

Notice — data subjects should be given notice when their data is being collected

When users subscribe to , they sign a user agreement that specifies how will collect and use data. Users are able to review the privacy policy at any time.

  • the name and address of the controller and of his/her representative, if any;
  • the purpose or purposes of the processing;
  • a description of the category or categories of data subjects and of the data or categories of data relating to them;
  • the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data might be disclosed;
  • proposed transfers of data to third countries;
  • a general description of the measures taken to ensure security of processing.

This information is kept in a public register.

Contact Visibility

Within a company, team members need to get in touch with various external contacts. But today, contact information is unfortunately confined in someone's cell phone or personal address book.

Corporate Premium enables you to give visibility to every member of a team for Company contacts, thus improving collaboration and productivity.

Custom Policies

Corporate Premium enables you to customize your privacy policy.

You do not have to use the privacy policy that proposes.

Exports and Connectors

Corporate Premium enables you to export or connect your Marketing Database.

While the individual version enables your individual export in various formats, Corporate Premium enables you an export of all Company contacts, thus removing all duplicates.

By using a connector, you can update other address books or directories that you are feeding on a regular basis without manual upload, including:

  • Exchange
  • Lotus Domino
  • Lotus notes
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • vCard export
  • XML export
  • CSV export.

If you have one of these needs, feel free to contact us for more information.