How we comply with the EU Data Protection Directive

Notice — data subjects should be given notice when their data is being collected:

When users subscribe to addressbook©, they sign a user agreement that specifies how addressbook will collect and use data. Users are able to review the privacy policy at any time.

Purpose — data should only be used for the purpose stated and not for any other purposes:

The privacy policy informs users how their data will be used.

Consent — data should not be disclosed without the data subject’s consent:

When users accept the Privacy policy, they agree to disclose certain data to addressbook and the usage that addressbook will do for these data.

Users have full control over data they share with other contacts as long the user’s contact does not extract data from addressbook.

Users have full control over who they share information with.

Indeed, addressbook is a tool to monitor what information is shared and with whom.

When a user shares its “Company” card, he/she agrees that his/her card would be added to his/her contact’s company addressbook database.

At any time, users can remove their “Company” card from their contact’s company addressbook database.

Companies creating an addressbook database must disclose Privacy Policy that their employees' contacts can access at any time. Companies must also comply with addressbook Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Security — collected data should be kept secure from any potential abuses:

addressbook uses encryption technology and other security technologies and policies to protect users' data.

Disclosure — data subjects should be informed as to who is collecting their data:

addressbook collects data for users. Users agree with whom to share their data.

Access — data subjects should be allowed to access their data and make corrections to any inaccurate data:

addressbook users can modify the data they share at any time. However, users won’t be able to modify data that other users would have made a private copy of.

Accountability — data subjects should have a method available to them to hold data collectors accountable for following the above principles.

addressbook’s privacy policy includes these principles. Users who sign up for addressbook commit and must comply with these principles.