• free

    addressbook™ is free!

    We do offer a Premium version for companies. It helps companies create a Corporate directory and better manage their customers' contact data. See here for more details about addressbook™ Corporate Premium.

  • sync

    Sync up with your Android's or iPhoneʼs address book

    You can download a free Android or iPhone application to synchronize your with your Android cell phone's or iPhone’s address book. You can also export your contacts' vCards to upload them into other address books.

  • cards

    Create up to 4 cards!

    You can create up to 4 different cards, each of them with specific information:

    • a Public card if you want people to find you through Google
    • a Personal card for your family and friends
    • a Pro card for recruiters or your professional networks
    • a Company card for your contacts in your current job
  • tag

    Tag your contacts!

    You can tag your contacts so that it's easy to search and sort them.

    You will be able to create smart groups based on your tags.

  • add

    Adding new contacts is so easy!

    To add new contacts, just invite them to exchange their card with you.

    You specify what card(s) you want to exchange with them: the Perso, Pro or Company card or any combination.

  • backup

    We back it up for you!

    You’ll never lose this : it’s always backed up on our servers. Did you lose or switch iPhones or Android phones? No problem, it only takes two minutes to re-sync.

  • maintanance

    Zero maintenance!

    When your contacts modify their cards, their cards in your are automatically updated.

  • secure

    Secure Login

    Your connections are encrypted, and all of your data are securely backed up.